Annika Moller is a visual artist, dancer, choreographer and screenwriter based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for the arts started at an early age because her father, an antique restorer, ran his shop out of the basement of their house. Annika has been building, sculpting and crafting with raw materials since she could crawl. She then began her dance training, which became increasingly intensive, putting visual art on the backburner.

By age 10, she was performing on pointe with the ballet company at New England Academy of Dance. After she suffered her first injury she was forced to turn to other dance techniques such as Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Isadora Duncan Technique, Bellydance, Tap, Jazz and Theater Dance. By high school, Annika was performing around the USA with three dance companies as well as studying music and acting. Besides performance, Annika had a love for choreography; she realized it was more satisfying to be the artist creating the work instead of just the performer. She started to perform self-choreographed solos and choreograph group pieces by age 16.

When applying to college dance programs, Annika withstood yet another injury, this time requiring surgery. She wasn't able to attend any of her auditions and decided to attend The George Washington University, eventually landing in the dance program after she fully recovered. There, Annika was given not only many opportunities to perform, but also opportunities to choreograph for multiple shows on the main stage. She continued exploring visual art while studying choreography with the great Maida Withers. Her senior year piece, "Liminal Threshold" toyed with defying audience expectations for a common place item, the doorframe. With her dancers and custom built stand-alone doorframes, she was able to create a moving piece of art using the static and geometric frames juxtaposed with malleable bodies weaving through them to music she composed and produced. Her choreography is often categorized as imaginative and illusionary, which is also a quality reflected in her visual art. Her interest and talent for choreography propelled her to engage more seriously in her pursuit of visual art. Ms. Moller recognized the strong connection between choreography and visual art and sought to explore how the disciplines can be intertwined. Her visual art often reflects movement and emotion, "for choreography, the stage is a canvas and bodies are the paint, on canvas, I apply many of the same techniques that I explore choreographically, however utilizing a different medium. By creating the illusion of movement on an otherwise stationary surface with intricate detail, you force the viewers eye to not only view the canvas as a whole, as a stage, but also to pay attention to the intricacies which allow the eye to follow the flow of the patterns and lines created, like dancers in a piece."

After graduating from the George Washington University in the Spring of 2011 with a major in dance and a minor in business, she moved to Brooklyn to live and grow as an artist. She has participated in several artist showcases around NYC curated by EmergArts. After Annika’s art was successfully received and sold at multiple group art shows, she decided to move her work out of her house and into a studio at The Bogart in Bushwick, willing and ready to immerse herself in the Bushwick arts community. As maturity settled in, her intentions and artistic vision became clearer. Annika became increasingly unsatisfied by solely painting on a canvas, something never felt quite finished about her pieces. Annika has always played around with building on canvas but one day she slashed through one of her old paintings, which prompted a revelation; by slashing through, she realized that her art is destined to be complicated, multi-dimensional, striking and most of all, fearless. Why do the edges of the canvas have to designate the beginning and end of a piece? Why can’t we rip through, weave into and build on and around those borders, creating a new level of artistic being, a painting with many layers existing in the three-dimensional world? We can. Thus bringing art one step closer to a human state.

Visual art, like performance art has no boundaries. The next leg of her artistic journey consisted of finding a way to combine her two passions, performance art and visual art to be one and the same. Thus, BODY MEDIUM was born. BODY MEDIUM is a performance art piece done on a large outstretched canvas through dance improvisation, using only paint and her body as the medium. Her goal is to embody the sights, sounds and energy of the audience and surrounding environment, and through this embodiment, she will imprint the moment on canvas. The canvas will then be stretched and act as a visual memoir of that moment in time. 

Ms. Moller is excited to grow as a visual and performance artist and continue to immerse herself in the Bushwick arts community. Creativity runs through her veins and combined with a vivid imagination and a hunger to share her creations with the world, she hopes to continue producing art for many years to come.